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Do you have a Castle and/or Beckett drunk fic list? Preferably more on the lighter side


Combining with: Do you have another link for your drunk fics? I tried to click on the one you have listed, but it didn’t work.

To the anon, that tag won’t work cause I haven’t posted any single stories yet that have it, but here is a list :)

And yeah, lighter side, so like fun drunk, not kill shot drunk?

Don’t Eat the Fruit by brookemopolitan

Love Drunk by stanaticfanatic

Kindness Yet by Polly Lynn 

Wrecking Ball by MsMorg

Body Shots by ekc293

Drunk Writing by Tree23

Curves Ahead by Cartographical

I don’t think that’s a good idea by CastleLover

Why Don’t We by Sandiane Carter

Drunk by Ellemae

I’m not that drunk by 4evercaskett

Ask Siri by SparkleMouse

Tequila, Rain and Kisses by Miss-HL

Tit for Tat by Elle018

Of Bars and Secrets by Trapped in a MatchBox

Happy New Year Kate by Duchess of Strumpetness

Chapter 6 of Unpeeling the Onions by Shena1

Chapter 21 of Kiss Me, Castle by Cora Clavia

Chapter 7 of How Many Ways To Say I Love You by Cofkett

Chapter 6 of Firsts by firstadream

Thank you! :)


These are some techniques I use when I’m having a panic attack.

I’m no expert, but they seem to help me out, so maybe they’ll help you out too.

The "torture" line that you picked up on was noticed by a few others. It was unfortunate and I agree with those who think the writer just wasn't thinking which was a lapse. But then this is where the showrunner should come in, they have the overview of the show in their mind, they should remember what happened last week and realise that it would seem inappropriate given the proximity of that episode if picked up on and it should have been hooked out. A minor slip but it did seem rather awkward.






Yeah I was glad to see other people picked up on it, because originally we sort of thought it was just us in my house. But yeah I agree it was probably a lapse and yes the show runner is the last line of defense as it were – but I also think it’s one of those lines that isn’t necessarily going to hit everybody the same way and I’m okay with the idea that some people missed it – what surprises me is everybody missed it.

Roum first and foremost, because part of this episode was that she was the staff writer working with the new kid – which means there’s a special emphasis placed on her to make sure the continuity is there, generally. Beyond that though, the funny thing is this script had to pass through a number of hands, some of them have a specific job relating to continuity and others who did not. And apparently, nobody raised their hand and said “um guys, didn’t she just get tortured? Does this play the way we want it to?” Which is funny to me, because while it’s going to go right past as no big deal for some people, for others it plays like a record scratch. They’re having this great moment and all of a sudden you’re yanked out of it going – “did he just…???” And usually as a writer you want to be very careful of things that are going to pull your audience out of the moment.

That’s the writing side of it. Then there’s sort of a character side that interests me too, because yeah I don’t think it was intentional but i’m sort of like Castle - I want the story that makes the random, disjointed bit to make sense.

And so, the first thing that stuck me was the fact that there actually is this sort of recurring bit in the Castle books where something happens to Nikki, and the guys she works with immediately razz her about it. And the first time it comes up, Rook who is our Castle stand in is sort of just plainly horrified by the whole concept. And the other three basically tell him, listen we deal with near death so often in this job, the dark humor is kind of how we deal. And then it becomes something that they go back to quite often. What interests me about that, is the fact that so much of Castle’s books are taken from the characters on the show, yet that’s something we never really see the characters in the show dip into, the boys making a lot of the really dark near death jokes. So, as we’re talking about this concept that kind of stood out to me.

The other thing that popped into my head was Kill Shot. Because remember how everybody was sort of very studiously avoiding the word “sniper” like it is going to set Beckett off until she finally told them to cool it? I think that sort of makes the point that people are making about this line – that it seems a little off step by comparison.

But that also sort of forms the basis for my little “let’s explain the thing” head cannon: I can kind of see Castle, or any of them being really hesitant to say the word out loud, call it what it was to really talk about it. And then Beckett just kind of going “No, I’m not going to do this. I’m not going to live in fear of a word” and sort of aggressively making it NOT taboo by encouraging Castle to literally take a page out of his own book and just shove it out there where he can. There is a thing I’ve heard therapists say, that to recover you have to be able to talk about something without reliving it. And I can see it as a very Beckett thing for her to sort of take an in your face approach to that in a way that after two weeks of making a point of that, this is just kind of how they cope.

Again I’m not saying the writers were aiming for that at all, but it’s a little head cannon I can live with that makes the story make sense, anyway.

I really appreciate the head cannon.  The line definitely caught both my attention and that of my friend with whom i watch the show.  We tried to assume that it was the audience labeling the events as “torture” in Belly and that Kate might not have overtly applied that label to it herself, and thus the word wouldn’t be a trigger word for her.  But we were not satisfied with that explanation, to be honest, and assumed it was just an oversight on the writers’ part.  Your theory of intentionality makes me feel a lot better about this line.

It made me feel better too, just because like I said, I like there to be a reason, or a story, like Castle himself. And this particular head canon actually felt very “Beckett” to me. I don’t have any trouble seeing her as the kind of person to say “hit me with it until you can say it and I don’t flinch” a lot more easily than I can anything else.

Because even if she didn’t perceive it as torture, I feel like Castle would, so what we’d need is a reason he would be comfortable saying it. This worked for me. ;)

I’m sticking in my nickel!  Personally, the torture line didn’t hit me at all, but If the head cannon you established works for you, far be it from me to mess with it.  Once you mention it, however, I do in fact find it an odd choice of verbiage to have been written and then to have been glossed over. I marvel at and have witnessed the seemingly ridiculous attention to detail for the most insignificant of things (that scene I wrote about in Room 147 where prop people built large additions to a building for an 8 second insignificant scene that I know with certainty no one noticed or cared about) while at the same time overlooking somewhat significant things that can trigger a somewhat negative response. My personal head cannon here is that some words in a slightly different context just don’t make the same impression or trigger the same sensitivity and that’s where torture went for me (i.e. because it’s the only thing I can think of off the top of my head- one can be sensitive to failure, but not be offended by a line like- what we have here is a failure to communicate). In an altered context it doesn’t trigger the same response it might in other contexts.  

Yeah, I hear what you’re saying. I think it’s a bit off the example though because it’s the worlds simplest form of comparative sentence here: This is torture. Not a whole lot of room to contextualize.

Like I said, it won’t strike everyone. But the fact that a handful of us in close enough contact to directly communicate picked up on it does make me a bit surprised that it didn’t occur to then people making the calls. You can change that line to something like “This is such punishment,” and play the same note in the conversation without ever risking pulling that trigger for the audience at all, so why would you risk it, assuming someone caught it?

The funny part of this was that I have a note to myself that says “Gifset: dunking scene/This is torture. Caption: We’re making the torture jokes already? Either Kate is healing remarkably quickly, or she’s adopted Castle’s coping mechanisms.” castleramblings just beat me to the punch.

My heart swings back and forth between the need for routine and the urge to run.

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1. I hope one day you realize loving yourself is more important than having a line of boys ask you out on a date. You will find something in you that you never thought you were looking for. You will be at peace with yourself.

2. It doesn’t seem like it today, but soon you will be able to lie on your bed without thinking about the funeral in your head. Patience.

3. There is a reason God didn’t give you the amazing talent to sing, or dance, or calculate a mathematical equation under sixty seconds. Your writing is not useless. Wait until you find someone willing enough to read.

4. She cut you up like a paper doll. Yes. They made you seem small, like a fool, like a dog wagging its tail trying too hard. Let them. It’ll make for a great story later.

5. Don’t let their blunt knives and sharp tongues turn you into one of them. These people used their words to pull down others like you. Use yours to lift these people up, to remind the girls with stick legs not to run in front of a city bus.

6. He is not prince charming, love. None of them are, and you are not a princess. You’re a villainess. You’re the evil queen. Own it. Kill anyone who says you’re not the fairest of them all. It is you who will save yourself.

7. Right now, you are a wreck, and a mess, and it will seem like no part of you is salvageable. It gets better.

8. Another gift you’ll discover is how to be both soft and hard at the same time. To be both sharp and gentle. Pyre and tea. Grateful and selfish. Kind and harsh. You will be self-aware. You will be human. You will be stardust, and cracked bones, and rips of the galaxies.

9. Greater things await you. Yes, you deserve them. Yes, you are capable.

10. You will learn all this one day, soon. Patience. Patience. Patience.

Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | Notes To My Teenage self (via surfandwrite)
Does anyone know if Castle comes on tonight in Canada?

Nope. They aren’t showing it on Sundays anymore :(





that is so perfect! so clean, i mean, there’s no other dumb thing there, just their friendship. her smile is so honest, and he like this, that thing that she do. some people are just perfect for each other.

Love this. Must… Reblog…





that is so perfect! so clean, i mean, there’s no other dumb thing there, just their friendship. her smile is so honest, and he like this, that thing that she do. some people are just perfect for each other.

Love this. Must… Reblog…